Product and Services

The farm have both sheep and goats. The sheep is of the Barbados and Dorset and the goats Boer, Jamnapari and Feral breeds. We provide sheeps for aqiqah and korban and for other purposes. Waste from the goats are turned into organic fertilizers through a process that utilizes microbes. It is 100% goat waste and no other materials are used. Organic fertilizer in powder and pellet form are packed in various packing sizes. Soil mixtures are also produced using quality organic plant materials and incorporated with the organic goat waste. Organic fertilizer is highly effective for plant growth and safe to use and environmentally friendly. It conditions the soil and it’s continuous use improves the soil fertility tremendously.



Organic Fertilizers And Soil Mixtures

Products that are manufactured by the farm that comprises of natural organic materials; as fertilizers or soil mixtures   Our soil mixture has received tremendous response from our customers. It is especially formulated using quality organic materials and added with organic fertilizer. Soft and friable, it provides an excellent medium for root growth and plant …

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Farm Animals

Sheeps from Australia Sheeps (Ram and Ewes) for ‘Aqiqah, Qurban or Breeding A joint venture between Sakani Marketing (Australia) and NurFarm Agro (Malaysia). The sheep are directly delivered from Australia to NurFarm Agro Farm located in Ulu Langat, Selangor.  Our goats are of high quality with satisfactory health and body weight. Our sheep can be …

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