Feb 17

Pasar Tani (Farmer’s Market)

Nurfarm’s products are sold direct to customers on Saturdays from 7am till 12 pm at the Pasar Tani, located at MAEPS, Serdang┬áparking area. Organic Fertilizers, Organic soil mixtures, fruit plants, seeds are offered at reasonable prices.






Feb 10

ATV : A New Addition to The Activities Available on The Farm

Take a fun and exciting ride on a track around the farm on the ATV (All-terrain-vehicle). For beginners, they can try out on the training track before embarking on a more challenging track beyond the farm area.

IMG_2391 IMG_2317



Jan 27

Nurfarm’s Peladang Jaya award 2013

A blast from the recent past. Allow us to share the paper clipping of Nurfarm bagging the “Peladang Jaya, Selangor Award” in 2013Nurfarm newspaper

Jan 20

Penternak Jaya Selangor : 3rd Place

On the 19th December 2015, Nurfarm bags third place in the category of “Usahawan Ternakan Terbaik 2015”, in Selangor’s Agrofest 2015 event. Congratulations to all the winners!!Agrofest_2015_3