Farmstay - Entrance

The Entrace to the Farmstay


Enjoy The Peace and Tranquility of the Farm Located only 30 minutes away from KLCC

Nurfarm Agro Farm practices integrated farming. Goats, sheep, fish and chicken are reared at the farm. There are also varieties of fruit and ornamental trees planted.  Also take the opportunity to see how organic fertilizer and soil mixtures are made and find out good practices in planting trees.


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Chalet A: One of the Farmstay Houses


The Facilities we provide:
(5 Chalets Total)

Chalet A : (RM 120 per night)

– 1 Air-conditioned Bedroom
– 1 Room (Ceiling Fan)
– 1 Bathroom

Chalet B (NEW) :RM160 per night

– 2 Air-conditioned Bedroom
(1st Room : 1 queen and 1 single sized bed)
(2nd Room : 1 queen and 1 single sized bed)
– 1 Bathroom with water heater

Chalet C : (RM80 per night)

– An Antique House more than 100 years old
– 1 Bathroom
–  1 room with Ceiling Fan

Chalet D (NEW) : (RM 160 per night)

– 2 Air-conditioned Bedroom
– 1 Bathroom

Chalet E (NEW) : (Rm160 per night)

– 2 Air-conditioned Bedroom
– 1 Bathroom


All Homestay Chalets are are equipped with the following facilities:-
– TV, Fridge, Microwave Oven, Gas Stove / hot-plate, plates, bowl, etc.

  • Suitable for the use as a rest house, before proceeding to other popular venues within the vicinity of the farm (i.e. dSangkut Villa and Waterfall areas of Ulu Langat)
  • Suitable for activities for school children to enjoy the surroundings of the farm situated quite near to city areas
  • Also suitable for camping activities at a safe and secure location
  • Within the vicinity of Ulu Langats famous Waterfalls and Hotsprings
    • Sungai Serai Hot Spring (1km)
    • Sungai Gabai Waterfalls (Batu 21)
    • Sungai Congkak Waterfalls (Batu 21)
Farm Based Activities
  • Fresh Water Spring Sourced Wading Pool
  • Fishing (2 ponds, with the rate of RM9 per kilo of fish caught)
  • First hand experience on farming and feeding the Animal farms
  • Pluck Seasonal Fruits from the orchards (When in season) – Prices of fruit will follow the current market rate
  • BBQ Grill area
  • We also provide Sheeps and lamb from Australia for the usage of BBQ, Aqiqah and Qurban
  • We also Manufacture and produce farming fertilizers and soil mixtures


Note: Noteworthy Activities that have took place in our farm:

  • Filming of the music video clip  ‘Apo Kono Eh Jang 2012′ by Dato’ AC Mizal feat Fida dan Stellar
  • Video Clip filming for the PROMOTION of  Kilauan Emas 2013 was being done within the vicinity of this farm
  • 16 Feb 2015 STARMETRO pg 16, An article on our farm ‘And on their farm they had some goats’