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Farm Animals

Sheeps from Australia

Sheeps (Ram and Ewes) for ‘Aqiqah, Qurban or Breeding

Sheeps at the Australian Farm

A joint venture between Sakani

Marketing (Australia) and NurFarm Agro (Malaysia). The sheep are directly delivered from Australia to NurFarm Agro Farm located in Ulu Langat, Selangor.  Our goats are of high quality with satisfactory health and body weight.

Our sheep can be inspected for purchase at our farms. Processing and delivery services can be negotiated. Contact us.

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Feeding Time

Feeding the Goats

Vist to the den

Goat Pairs


The farm started with rearing of goats of the Boer, Jamnapari and other crossed varieties. The goats are the main attraction for visitors especially school children who enjoy feeding and playing with them. They are generally quite tame and gets extremely excited when offered bread.


Pond Fish

There are two large and three smaller ponds located in the farm and visitors can fish for
tilapia,patin,tongsan etc. A fee is charged on weight of fish caught.  Baits and fishing rods are provided

Free Range Chicken

the farm rear free range chickens (Ayam Kampong) and they are hatched using the incubators. They are not easy to catch as they roam free. These are real authentic Kampong Chickens.